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Clay Dragons

As a final part of the cross curricular project on Dragons students attempted to make their own version of a dragon using modelling clay.

As you can see the results are spectacular!


IMG_0690 IMG_0689 IMG_0688 IMG_0687 IMG_0686

Beans and Sunflower Competition

The Students in Jim’s Class have all planted and looked after two pots, one containing Sunflowers and one containing Beans.

We are planning a ‘For Fun Only’ Summer competition to keep track on their progress.

Please send in photos and accounts of how the plants are getting on.

We should be able to find a prize for the tallest Sunflower (pic with student required) and the best crop of beans (pic required showing student picking beans off the plant).

Good Luck!


Star Pupils in remake of 1945 Classic

Two of Jim’s Class have been chosen to star in a remake of the 1945 Classic Anchors Away.

The original cast included Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly.

When the Hollywood producers saw the two members of Jim’s Class in their audition for the new film they were astounded at the likeness of both students to the original cast members.

See for yourself!

Frank in anchors away 20141211_141142

Behind the Scenes Tour of Tesco Stores Chepstow

On Thursday December 11th Jim’s Class were lucky enough to be invited for a ‘behind the scenes tour’ of Tesco Stores.

During the tour we were taken through those spooky plastic doors and well beyond what customers normally see!

We first visited the Training Room, where we met with Dee Vaughan (special thanks  to Dee for setting up the visit and making it so enjoyable).

We then went on a guided tour taking in; the fish counter where we were taught how to gut and fillet a trout, next it was off to the meat counter where we learnt where each joint of meat comes from and how best to cook it (we saw some liver, kidneys and ox tail), next it was off to the bakery where we were shown the full process of making bread (from the basic ingredients through to slicing and labelling ready for sale),  the final part of our tour took us to the delivery and storage bays where we saw how everything was stacked and arranged ready for replacing items on shelves.

Before we left Dee kin dly organised a tasting session where we all filled up on fresh fruit, biscuits, milk and cakes.

Thanks again Dee and Tesco’s for such an interesting visit.

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Our Project on Colour

Mrs Damsell’s group have been working on colour as their first project this year.

So far they’ve looked at Primary and Secondary colours.

They’ve completed a Science experiment using food colourings and the 3 Primary colours to make rainbow.

The group have looked at the meanings of colours and carried out lots of literacy, science and numeracy tasks connected to the rainbow.

After Half Term the group will be looking at how animals change their colours to protect and disguise themselves.

The pictures below show the results of some colourful artwork using Fymo Clay which retains its colours and hardens when cooked.


IMG_0323 IMG_0320 IMG_0317 IMG_0315 IMG_0314 IMG_0310 IMG_0308

Merlin wins ‘Most Handsome Dog’ at the Usk Show

Evie took her dog Merlin to the Usk show and entered him in a competition to find the most ‘handsome dog’


Merlin won his section paws down!

SAM_3766 SAM_3768

Bungalow project

A group of older students from Jim’s Class have recently started work on ‘The Bungalow Project’.

This will involve them in lots of hard work!

The first task will be to tidy up the extensive garden in preparation for having their own allotment next Spring. This will be completed alongside some painting and decorating tasks which will take place whenever the weather won’t allow the group to work outside.

Here are a few pictures of their work so far.


IMG_0096 IMG_0103 IMG_0095 IMG_0094 IMG_0087 IMG_0118 IMG_0122 IMG_0135 IMG_0142

Jack helps out Mrs Damsell by having his hair cut in school

IMG_0259 IMG_0261 IMG_0262 IMG_0264

Mrs Damsell is thinking about opening a hairdressing stall at Chepstow Market but she needs to bring her skills up to scratch first.

Imagine her surprise when Jack  volunteered to have his hair cut in exchange for one of his Maths lessons.

Here are the before and after shots!

New Italian Classes Starting Soon………………..




Jim’s Class are about to start Italian Classes courtesy of Mrs Goddard. All pupils are looking forward to learning a new language after picking up some useful French last year.

Students will visit the school’s Learning Zone every week for the foreseeable future.

Ciao everyone!



Golf Sessions at Dewstow Golf Course

Jim’s Class have been lucky enough to secure some golf coaching sessions at Dewstow Golf Club.

Assisted in securing the sessions by Geraint Roberts (Community Sports Development Officer) and with the aid of Golf Pros Martyn and Matt the class have made several visits to Dewstow for some expert coaching.

Here are a few photographs of our activities.

20140625_140036 20140625_135945 20140618_140211 20140611_141032 20140611_141024 20140611_141011 20140604_141943 20140611_135236 20140611_135254 20140611_140015 20140611_135909 20140611_135920

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